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If you have dental anxiety, our sedation dentistry treatments in Ocala, FL may help you feel relaxed and calm during your visits with us. We offer two sedation dentistry options, oral conscious sedation dentistry and nitrous oxide sedation dentistry. We will partner with you to help determine which sedation dentistry treatment is right for you. Call our office to schedule a free consultation!

Nitrous oxide, also referred to as “laughing gas”, is merely the gas nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen that your sedation dentist then administers to you through a tube placed into your nose so you breathe it. It is odorless and doesn’t really make you laugh or even giggle! Nitrous oxide is quick acting, meaning once you receive nitrous oxide you have your dental treatment done soon after. When the sedation dentist removes the tubes from your nose, within a very short time, you do not feel any after effects. During your dental procedures, you feel relaxed and aware, but not anxious about your procedures.

Oral conscious sedation is administered via a pill that we will prescribe to you. It is usually taken before you come to your appointment and can make you feel drowsy or woozy. You will require a friend or family member to provide you transportation to and from your appointment. You will feel calm and relaxed throughout your appointment and will still be aware of your procedure. 

Why Consider Sedation Dentistry?

Negative Past Experience With a Dentist

Deeper Relaxation

Complete Multiple Treatments In 1 Visit

Phobia of the Dentist

Mild to Severe Anxiety

Complex Dental Procedures

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Dental fears affect many people but you no longer have to suffer from fear or anxiety when you visit your dentist! With sedation dentistry you can feel completely relaxed and at ease in the dental chair during the simplest exam or extensive dental work. Would you like to know more about sedation dentistry? Then call our office today and schedule a free consultation. 

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