Sleep Apnea & Snoring

Are you sleepy during the day, even though you went to bed on time and got what you thought was a full night’s sleep? Do you feel a little “out of it” during the day, like you can’t focus? Do you find yourself feeling more irritable or impatient? Is your sleep partner complaining about your snoring?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, it may be you have one of the most common sleep disorders called sleep apnea.


Sleep apnea is one of the most prevalent sleep disorders, there are a myriad of treatments available in Ocala. The throat closing is what causes the “apnea”–which means stopping. Sleep apnea actually means stopping sleep, or interrupted sleep. It may surprise you to know that sleep disorders patients who suffer from sleep apnea often have this interrupted sleep over 50 times per night! This is why you are so tired.


What most sleep disorders patients use to treat sleep apnea and snoring is called a C-Pap machine, which monitors your breathing and gives you the ability to breathe easier. However, there are problems with using a C-Pap. They are bulky and a slightly heavy machine, usually about the size of a tissue box. They require electricity. The machine is a mask that covers the nose and mouth with a tube connected between the mask and the machine. If you cannot stand the mask on your face, if you are going somewhere that doesn’t have electricity (like going camping), if you are going somewhere that makes carrying this machine difficult, or you move around a lot as you sleep, using a C-Pap can be a problem.

We offer a mouthguard custom made for you that will shift your jaw so your mouth stays slightly open. The mouthguard also opens the throat so your snoring is radically diminished or eradicated altogether and can breathe easier. This is good news for you and your sleep partner who is also struggling to get good sleep due to your snoring!


  • The mouth guard requires no electricity so it is much easier to use when traveling.
  • The mouth guard is far less bulky than a C-Pap machine.
  • The mouth guard gives you more freedom of movement as well as has no mask you have to put on your face.
  • C-Pap machines often need expensive repairs. Our mouthguard is custom made for you and can be used indefinitely.
  • The mouthguard can eliminate snoring.

If you are tired, and tired of struggling with sleep apnea, sleep disorders and snoring in Marion County, FL and Ocala, FL call us! Dr. Wayne Harper and his team care about your oral health and will do their best to help you with their general dentistry service for those from Ocala and The Villages.